A half-minute reminder

A half-minute reminder

A gentle and uplifting moment of Truth, to remember that the Bright Light of God's Love is shining right now - as YOU!
Rev. Bill Marchiony

Rev. Bill Marchiony

God Calls started in a prayer group. Members would call each other with a quick prayer, word of gratitude or a simple "I love you".
Listen now...

Listen now...

You can hear a sample week of the God Calls that have been made since 2013. Just click a title to listen.

Four Calls every week

You'll receive God Calls four times a week, between 8:15am and 6pm. The calls are short - just a half a minute, and come at random times so you won't be expecting them. The idea is to have a really quick interruption to remind you about the Truth of who you really are.

We adjust for time zones, so they're always in the daytime.

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Rev. Bill Marchiony

"God Calls" was created by Rev. Bill Marchiony, a co-founder and Spiritual Director of New Thought Philadelphia. It came from a practice started in a men's MasterMind prayer group, in which the members would periodically call each other with a quick prayer, word of gratitude or a simple "I love you".

As his spiritual community grew, he wanted to share those moments of peace and blessing with the wider group. Bill turned to his background in technology and broadcasting (10 years doing "zany" morning shows on the radio, and a fair amount of personalized direct response marketing) to create God Calls.

Practical Prayer for Real Results

Practical Prayer for Real ResultsRev. Bill is the author of Practical Prayer for Real Results, an introduction to affirmative healing prayer (also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment). The book includes forty sample prayers on a variety of topics to help students get started in creating their own prayer practice.

Spreading the Love

Rev. Bill has a passion for spreading the New Thought teaching, and connecting with others who are doing the same.

God Calls turns out to be a great way to share the love, by connecting with other communities across the country. Ministers and other community Spiritual Leaders listen to God Calls to get ideas - nuggets of inspiration - for ways to share the New Thought teaching in novel ways.

Frequently answered questions

Q: I jumped out of the shower to get the phone, and it was a God Call. How can I avoid that degree of disruption?

A: Make yourself a special God Call ringtone. The number is (215) 821–9850.

Q: I loved the last God Call! How can I hear it again?

A: To play the last call, just dial (877) 565-8456.

Q: Sometimes I answer the God Call, and there's nothing there. What's up?

A: Say "hello". The calling system is listening for your voice (or a voicemail "beep") before it begins.

Q: I accidentally pressed the button on my phone to cancel the calls. How do I get them back?

A: Send us an email so we can restart your calls.

Q: I listened to a God Call on voicemail, and it kept repeating the beginning of the call. Why?

A: Sorry about that. The calling system missed the "beep" and you heard the "filler" sound it makes. You can listen to the last God Call by calling (877) 565-8456.

Q: The caller ID showed a blocked number, or unavailable, instead of (215) 821-9850, the usual God Call number. What's going on?

A: The God Calls system hands off the caller ID data to your phone company. Every now and again, someone misses the handoff.